Welcome to ERI Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2003, ERI Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of environmental, health & safety, non-destructive testing, sustainability and alternative risk-funding solutions. ERI serves various industries including biofuels, diversified agribusiness, manufacturing, milling, chemical, construction and distribution.

At ERI we believe that being experts in our business isn’t enough. We work with our clients to thoroughly understand their business. After all, how can we help you mitigate your risks without understanding them?

ERI’s mission is to provide professional services to help our clients eliminate avoidable risks and reduce or transfer unavoidable risks of employee injury, liability, property damage and regulatory non-compliance.

Where do you stand with regulatory agencies?

If an OSHA or EPA compliance officer showed up at your company unannounced tomorrow morning, would you be confident in your level of compliance?  If your answer is anything but “Yes, absolutely”, perhaps you should consider having a review of your minimum regulatory needs to avoid costly citations and unnecessary exposure to your company and company management.