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Does our company need to conduct active shooter/ suspicious person drills?

Recent national tragedies have put an even larger spotlight on the risk of domestic terrorism, such as active shooter situations. Defined as an individual engaged in attempting to kill people in a confined space or populated area, many active shooters have targeted their current or former workplaces as well as random locations.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, it is vital to prepare ahead of time in the event that there is a suspicious person or active shooter.

“Just as fire drills are needed, active shooter/suspicious person drills are necessary within the workplace to ensure all are prepared in the event that there is an active shooter/suspicious person situation,” said Caleb Thompson, an Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Consultant with ERI Solutions LLC.

How ERI Solutions Can Help Conduct an Active Shooter Drill

ERI Solutions provides customized safety services, including staff training, that is designed to protect and enhance the safety of people at work. We can ensure your staff is not only prepared for a suspicious person/active shooter but that they also know what they can do to survive as well as be safe immediately following the situation.

When you partner with our team for safety services, which are provided within numerous industries, you are assured the expertise of safety professionals and solutions customized to the needs of your company.

Contact ERI Solutions directly at (316) 927-4290 to discuss how we can help your company prepare for/survive a suspicious person/active shooter.

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