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Rolling Renewals – Are You Prepared?

2019 reporting and compliance deadlines are fast approaching. Make sure you mark your calendars with your environmental & reporting safety deadlines or reach out to your ERI Solutions representative today.

  • OSHA Annual Injury and Illness Summary: Post from February 1st through April 30th
  • EPA SARA Tier II (311 and 312): March 1st
  • OSHA Electronic Injury and Illness Reporting for 2018: March 2nd
  • EPA Air Emissions Inventory: Class I: April 1st, Class II: April 1st
  • DOT Registrations: June 30th
  • EPA SARA Form R Toxic Release Inventory (313): July 1st

Other Dates

These are environmental reports you must complete, but dates depend on your state & local regulations or follow when your permits or reports were first completed. These reports can include:

  • Title V Air Permits
  • Hazardous Waste Reports
  • Wastewater Discharge Certifications and Monitoring Reports
  • Air MACT Certifications, Deviation Reports and Summary Reports
  • Stormwater Reports, Inspections and Sampling
  • Boiler Reports

Upcoming Regulations & OSHA Dates

  • OSHA Crane Standard – Employers are required to evaluate operators to ensure they are licensed, certified, trained and evaluated: February 7th
  • OSHA is expected to update its respirator fit-testing protocols in December, so there’s a chance this requirement will spill over into 2019.
  • OSHA is planning on updating its HazCom 2012 standard in 2019 to better align itself with the Global Harmonization Standard.

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Is Your Company Compliant?

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