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Our Mission is to assist our clients in protecting their businesses from unnecessary risks

Founded in 2007, ERI Solutions LLC. is a leading provider of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S), Non-destructive Testing (NDT), sustainability and risk control solutions. Our risk control consultants provide services to help our clients eliminate avoidable risks and reduce or transfer unavoidable risks of employee injury, liability, property damage and regulatory non-compliance.

At ERI, we believe that all incidents (excluding acts of God) are preventable, and we are passionate about turning our belief into a reality in our clients’ businesses. ERI risk control consultants help our clients realize success by providing a wide array of products and services delivered by highly trained, certified and experienced team members.

ERI Company Overview

Our Leadership Team

ERI’s leadership team is comprised of individuals who draw on varied educations, certifications, experiences and technical expertise. Our team is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of ERI clients through every activity, which will, in turn, drive the success of our company.

ERI Solutions Leadership NathanVanderGriend
Nathan Vander Griend President & CEO
ERI Solutions Leadership JayBeckel
Jay Beckel, CSP, CHMM Sr. Vice President, Client Services
ERI Solutions Leadership JoyBeckner
Joy Beckner Vice President, Support Services
 B3A7910Hires Edit
Lisa Schmidt, CPA Vice President, Finance

ERI Solutions SteeringCommittee

Our Risk Control Steering Committee

To ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, we developed a Risk Control Steering Committee comprised of five clients. The committee represents companies of varying size and varying expertise that are responsible for evaluating our programs and services. The committee provides guidance on how to continuously improve our offerings, not only for them, but for all industry.

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