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Insurance Programs Under Management

ERI Solutions LLC. owns and manages ERM SPC, Ltd., a Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) and structured insurance company domiciled in the Cayman Islands. The captive insurance company is designed to reinsure risks of qualified owners/shareholders.

ERM SPC, Ltd. Structure

ERM SPC, Ltd. is structured much like a traditional insurance company with the key difference being who benefits from the good loss experience. The insured owners/shareholders of ERM SPC, Ltd. receives returns of surplus and distributions when loss experience proves to be better than annual actuarial projections.



ERM SPC, Ltd. Results

ERM SPC, Ltd. is managed by ERI and governed by the elected Board of Directors that take direction from an Advisory Committee comprised of insured shareholders and three sub-committees as illustrated below.

As a a Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) and structured insurance company, the ability to start new segregated portfolio companies and grow the company is continuously evaluated.

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